Robert Jack's S&P 500 E-mini Trading System Course will show you how to profitably day trade the S&P E-mini Futures and the Micro E-mini S&P Futures. You will learn our trading  method that has been consistently profitable throughout the years We are now in our 20th year of teaching students how to trade profitably.

Our emini trading signal is both easy to learn and easy to identify. You will then be able to look at your live charts and see our trading strategy for yourself.  Our trade signal is clear-cut and precise -- everyone will see the exact same buy or sell signal.

We do not use complicated technical analysis. Our trade signal is based upon price and time  -- very simple concepts but very, very effective.

You will learn the Robert Jack trading method in a 18 page PDF format that is easy to read and more importantly --  it is easy to understand.  

S&P E-mini and Micro E-Mini Futures Day Trading System Course

An Easy Way To Day Trade the S&P 500 E-mini and Micro E-mini Index Futures Contract

Now In Our 20th Year of S&P Emini Profits!

Learn how you can day trade the S&P E-Mini and Micro E-Mini
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The total amount of profits will of course vary with each trader, depending upon the number of E-mini S&P or Micro E-mini contracts are traded and individual trading goals.

But it is easy to see that there is the potential to earn a very good living. Just gaining 10 regular Emini S&P points a week with a modest trading position of just 4 contracts would result in a weekly profit of $2,000 (10 points x 4 contracts x $50 per point).  When more contracts are added, the potential for greater profits are dramatically increased.

The S&P 500 Micro E-mini futures contract gives you the opportunity to trade futures at a fraction of the cost of the S&P E-mini contract. The Micro E-mini has a value of $5 per S&P Index point. as opposed to $50 per point for the regular E-mini.  In the above example, your profit for trading 4 contracts of the Micro E-mini would have been $200.  Trading more Micro E-mini contracts would obviously increase the profits for the week.

You don't have to pay $1000, $2000, or thousands of $$ more for a trading course; or big recurring fees of $100 to $400 per month.  That just does not make any sense -- be smart, save your money for your trading account.

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Our S&P e-mini daytrading strategy is uncomplicated.  We will teach you how to trade the emini for consistent profits.  You will learn an S&P emini trading system that only identifies trades that have a very high probability of being profitable. 

The trade signal is not ambiguous --- there is no confusion and no other way to interpret the signal.

Robert Jack's method only selects trades that have a high probability of success.  We are essentially following the lead of the "Smart Money". The "Smart Money" are brokerage houses, mutual funds and other institutions that drive the market.  When they tip their hand as to which way the market will go, we jump on for a profitable ride.

We teach you trade setups that over and over again have proven to be profitable.  We use guerrilla trading tactics --- jump in - attack - and jump out with a profit!

There usually will be only 1 or maybe 2 trades in a day -- remember we only select the very best high probability trade setups.  You do not need a large number of S&P E-mini trades to have a profitable week. 
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