Robert Jack's S&P Emini Trading System Course or Robert Jacks Five Classic Emini Trade Setups, can teach you a proven way to successfully trade the emini's. 

The Robert Jack S&P Emini Trading System Course is only $99 and Robert Jacks Five Classic Emini Trade Setups is only $29 -- and both can be downloaded instantly as a PDF file.

The Robert Jack trade signal identifies a trade pattern that repeatedly has been successful.  It's really very simple -- the same setups happen over and over.  We follow the smart money for our little piece of the pie -- we don't use complicated technical analysis which doesn't work anyway.  

Free S&P Emini Trade Setup

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Robert Jack's trade signal is especially adept at getting the trader in early on trend type days that can be hugely profitable.

At $50 per point for each contract, it is easy to see the enormous profit potential from trading the S&P emini.
The Robert Jack method delivers steady, consistent profits week after week -- and that's how you earn a living in this business. The Robert Jack trading method is based upon guerrilla tactics -- attack when we have the clear advantage -- patience is a must have virtue for successful day trading

We also have a large number of students outside the United States who are successfully trading the S&P e-mini. We appreciate and are grateful for both our overseas students and our U.S. students.

Good Trading,
Free S&P E-mini Trade Signal Setup
This E-mini trade setup is one of Robert Jack's Five Classic E-Mini Trade Setups.  The trade is named "The Bull Stumbles At The Top".

It is a classic sell trade signal that sets up after the bullish sentiment of the market reverses to bearish.  This is a morning emini trade strategy that happens after the opening of the regular day trading session (9:30 AM ET).

This short trade has the potential to be very profitable and often gets the trader in early on a trend type down day.

You can learn "The Bull Stumbles At The Top" for Free by clicking the Free Download link on our Order Page.   You do not give any personal information -- simply click and you receive the trade setup in a 2-page PDF.