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How to Day Trade the S&P Emini and Micro Emini 

Robert Jack's Trading System Course will show you how to profitably day trade the S&P E-Mini and Micro E-Mini Futures.  You will learn our Emini trading strategy that has been consistently profitable since 2003.


Robert Jack's S&P 500 E-Mini and Micro E-Mini Day Trading course is in an 18 page PDF format that is easy to read and more importantly --- it is easy to understand.  And it costs only $179!   Download instantly and start learning today.  There are no other fees or monthly costs --- only a total of $179.

You also receive free continuing support for any questions you may have about the Course. You also will receive for free any future updates that time to time may be made to the Course.

We will teach you our S&P E-Mini Futures Trading Signal Alert --- that is both easy to learn and easy to identify. You will then be able to look at your live charts and see our trading signal for yourself.  Our trade signal is clear-cut and precise -- everyone will see the exact same buy or sell signal.

S&P 500 E-Mini and Micro E-Mini Futures Index

Robert Jack's  S&P E-Mini Futures Trading Strategy.

Our S&P E-mini day trading system is very simple. We do not use complicated technical analysis --- or really any technical analysis.  Our trade signal is based only upon the price of the E-Mini and the time of day.  Price and time --- very basic concepts but very effective.

We will teach you how to trade the Emini S&P Futures for consistent profits. You will learn a trading system that only identifies trades that have a very high probability of being profitable.

Simple Trading Strategy
S&P 500 E-Mini Futures and Micro E-Mini Futures Going Up.
S&P 500 E-Mini and Micro E-Mini Futures going down in price.

We will Teach You to Follow the Emini "Smart Money"

Robert Jack's S&P E-Mini trading strategy essentially follows the lead of the  "Smart Money".


The "Smart Money" are the brokerage houses, mutual funds, banks, and other institutions that drive the market. When they tip their hand as to which way the market will go --- we jump on for a profitable ride.


We don't care which direction they take the E-Mini and Micro E-Mini. We are day traders --- we either buy or short (sell) the Emini. Robert Jack's trading strategy can gain profits if the Emini goes up or if it goes down.

The reason Robert Jack's method works is because it is simple --- and simple works best. Always remember KISS --- "keep it simple stupid".

Remember, the price of the S&P E-Mini and Micro E-Mini is the most important indicator ---nothing else really matters.

Everyone forgets what the E-Mini market is really about. The market is an Auction. It is based upon supply and demand. It is based upon sellers versus buyers.

I'm not talking about you and I, because we're too small to matter. I'm talking about the "Big Players" --- buyers or sellers --- who really control the E-Mini S&P market.

The Robert Jack E-Mini and Micro E-Mini trade signal alert identifies which group of these "Big Players" --- buyers or sellers --- has won the daily price battle.

The winner has now tipped their hand as to which direction --- up or down that they will take the E-Mini S&P for the short term.  And being day traders, the short term is all we care about.

Follow the Smart Money
You are the wolf and the S&P E-Mini and Micro E-Mini Futures are your prey.

You are the Wolf and the S&P E-Mini and Micro E-Mini are Your Prey.

We teach you emini trade setups that over and over again have proven to be profitable. We use guerrilla trading tactics --- jump in -- attack -- and jump out with a profit!

There usually will be only 1 or maybe 2 trades in a day --- remember we only select the very best high probability trade setups.


You do not need a large number of S&P E-Mini trades to have a profitable week. 


Our trading day is the regular trading day from 9:30 a.m ET (USA) to 4:00 p.m (USA), Monday thru Friday.  We do not trade outside of these hours.

We are S&P emini day traders. We are flat at the end of our trading day ---  we don't own anything.

We don't have any evening or overnight worries --- we're out of the market.

The inherent nature of Robert Jack's Emini trading system is to only take trades that have a high degree of success --- this lessens the odds of you getting in trouble and makes you more disciplined.

You Are the Wolf
S&P 500 E-Mini Futures Index Going Up
How Much Could I Earn Day Trading the Emini and Micro Emini S&P Futures Index?

The total amount of profits will of course vary with each trader. Profits will depend upon the number of E-Mini contracts traded --- and also upon individual trading goals.

But, it is easy to see there is the potential to earn a very good living.  Just gaining 10 S&P E-Mini points a week with a modest trading position of 4 contracts, would result in a profit of $2000 --- (10 points x 4 contracts x $50 per point).

The S&P 500 Micro E-Mini Futures contract gives you the opportunity to trade the Emini at a fraction of the cost of the S&P E-Mini contract. The Micro E-Mini has a value of $5 per each S&P 500 Index point --- as opposed to $50 per point for the regular S&P E-Mini.

In the above example, your profit for trading 4 contracts of the Micro E-Mini would have been $200. Trading more Micro Emini contracts would obviously have increased the weekly profits.

Emini Trading & Blackjack
Emini & Micro Emini Trading Profits
Profitable S&P E-Mini trading is similar to winning blackjack.
Robert Jacks's Method is similar to winning BlackJack.

It turns out that the concepts behind winning S&P E-Mini day trading and winning casino Blackjack are very similar. 

By using a card counting strategy in Blackjack, a shrewd player knows when the probabilities have shifted in your favor.  You then come out of the weeds and increase your bets --- similar to guerrilla E-Mini trading as discussed above. 

This is exactly like Robert Jack's S&P E-Mini Trading System, in that you only trade when the conditions say that you have a high probability of winning.


The best example of the relationship between trading financial products and playing

Blackjack is the trading guru Blair Hull.  He went from playing winning Blackjack to starting a trading company that he sold for over $500 million.

Trading the S&P E-Mini is not easy money but you can have success.

Trading the S&P E-Mini and Micro E-Mini is Not Easy Money

The Robert Jack Emini Trade Signal Alert is definitely easy to learn and easy to identify. It is not a complex trading signal --- no weird complicated mathematical technical indicators.  We only use Price and Time as our indicators --- nothing else really matters.

But, don't get me wrong --- the actual process of trading the Emini is far from easy.  Studies by many organizations including the U.S Securities & Exchange Commission say that most traders will lose money.

We believe that a successful day trader must have patience and discipline. Overtrading is a big reason for why  traders suffer losses. Since Robert Jack's E-Mini Trading system only selects a limited number of trades, the temptation to overtrade is reduced --- along with the stress factor.

You should not pay $1000, $2000, or thousands of $$ or more for an E-mini trading course; or big recurring monthly subscription fees. All that money, for something that might not be right for you and probably won't work anyway?  Be smart --- save your money for your trading account!

That is why our reasonable price of $179 for Robert Jack's S&P E-Mini and Micro E-mini Course is so important.  It allows you a low cost opportunity to start learning how to trade the S&P E-Mini --- and to find out if day trading is really the right thing for you.

E-Mini Trading is not easy money
Successful S&P 500 E-Mini and Micro E-Mini Trader

How should I start after studying Robert Jack's S&P E-Mini Trading Course?

You must proceed slowly. We recommend that you at first only "paper trade" (fake money) using real time E-Mini price data and charts. This will give you invaluable experience and confidence --- without risking any money.

When you start trading with real money, it is best to start with only one S&P E-Mini or Micro E-Mini contract. This will get you accustomed to placing live orders and increase your confidence level. Only when you gain more experience should you gradually increase the number of emini contracts.

I urge you to sign up for Robert Jack's S&P Emini Trading Course.  I think you would be very happy with our simple and easy emini day trading strategy --- and at only $179, it is economically priced.

Good Trading!

Robert Jack

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